Thursday, April 15, 2010

Recumbent Bicycle Tour and Rental - New York City

NYC Recumbent Cycling Rentals and Tours
 This bike will make you
and so will this one

Recumbent  EZ1 Tandem 
Independent Pedaling System!

EZ 3 Trike
 scroll down!
Unique Recumbent Cycling Tours & Rentals!

Guided Tours Available
Never a bad SEAT!

True Comfort Bicycles, have a SEAT on us!
No Impact, No Footprint, No Gas!
All Human Powered !
Be Green be Comfy and get some Exercise on your Vacation in NYC!
See NYC in a totally new way!
Bent or Not, Bring your own bike!

Bentech Lifecycle Design

EZ1 Cruzer
Ride Right!

 EZ 3 Recumbent Trike
The No Brainer !
Ride Stress Free!

Longbikes Recumbent Tandem
Never a pain in the ASS!

Urban Giant
Set up to ride with children!
The Ultimate in Urban Mobility!

Personal Chauffeured Tours Available!

Hi Performance....
Easy Racer Gold Rush 

$75.00 daily

 Easy Racer Goldrush
The Big Island,Hawaii with BOB Trailer

I'll steer you in the right direction!

If you'd like any info or prices please contact me!
Shelly Mossey
Urban Mobility Project
Cell # 917 295 1954

Recumbent Eco-Green 
Ride away from all the NYC Tourist Traps!
Go Local.....

Longbikes Recumbent Tandem
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     Great NYC Transportation

David Byrne Is a Talking Head About Bikes in Toronto

When asked what his favorite bike was, Byrne picked no specific brand, instead opting for recumbent  bicycles. "I don't like the emphasis these days on the speed-focused, hunched over biker. The upright posture is much more civilized."

    Green Eco-Tour prices coming soon! 
    Contact Info
    For Reservations call ...917. 295. 1954
    You can view all my NYC adventures right here.... 

Lower Manhattan

Bent New York

    Why not ride The Hudson River Bikeway in complete COMFORT & Style so you can enjoy the fabulous scenery in New York City.
    After years of cruising around New York City on a wide variety of bicycles. I've personally picked these super comfy recumbent bikes for your laid back NYC tour!

    Would you follow this guy around NYC?

    For reservations call ...917. 295. 1954 
    or Email

    Come visit NYC cycling at 
    The Urban Mobility Project-NYC

    Bicycle tours shouldn't hurt or leave you with
    Blazing Saddles! 

    About These Bikes
    Ride Stress Free!
    Recumbents are very easy to ride and not at all taxing on your body.
    Easy to balance
    Super comfy seats
    You can get your feet to the ground at all times!
    I'll teach you to ride recumbent in about 5 minute's and off you go!

    1. Central Park
    2. Riverside Park
    3. Brooklyn Bridge
    4. Little Red Lighthouse
    5. Staten Island
    6. Lower East Side 
    7. The High Line
    8. Chinatown
    9. The Village (east and west)
    10. Lower Manhattan

    • Family Rides
    • Group Tours
    • Solo Tours
    • Children Welcome!

    Sit Down, Relax and Ride!
    Get out of the Traffic Jamming, Gargantuan tour bus
    Ride Your City

     EZ 3 Trike -
    Even though she fell off her upright and sprained her ankle her vacation was saved because of the EZ 3
    Anyone can!

    Ask us about Martha's Vineyard 
    Green, Car Free, Cycling Vacation Packages

    Shelly Mossey
    Urban Mobility Project
    Cell # 917 295 1954